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Current problems with Traditional Outsourcing

Today’s software development and outsourcing environment have vastly changed, Time-to-market becomes the driver for software vendors and business services providers. Most application development methodology tends to deploy “agile development” process to adopt the day to day changes of customer requirements and new ideas to stay competitive. Development cycles have decreased in time to push newest features out to the market to provide customers with the best user experience. New releases, sub-releases, or even small enhancements are launched through the Internet conveniently. Such rapid change of requirement makes the traditional offshore outsourcing become unfeasible and ineffective.

Many projects were retreated from India back to the local software development division in the USA. CFOs and CIOs have to balance and juggle between cost and product features. In many cases, delay of product launch, cut features or even shelve production occur.

The Ultimate Solution to Outsourcing

SIOLink’s outsourcing strategy is the ultimate solution to software development and business process outsourcing, it resolves all potential problems with traditional offshore outsourcing and yet provides a very competitive pricing model that satisfies corporate goal of cost reduction.

SIOLink provides a unique offering that optimizes traditional outsourcing
to meet the quality objectives at a fraction of the normal cost
Nearshore + OffShore

• Ability to transform your overall needs into executable projects
• Complete project ownership and interface point in North America, working directly with your organization and your business teams
• Quality assurance, program management, training and readiness managed from SIOLink’s North American Operations
• Direct management of SIOLink’s Off-Shore development teams and guarantee success

• Complete implementation capability with ISO 9000 and CMMI L5 certified
• Work with SIOLink’s North American base via our Secure Remote Engineering Process
• Massive deployment, highly qualified to perform multiple large scale projects

SIOLink Differences

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